Photo Editing At A Glance

Images or photos are used by people of all ages. People not only like to take photographs but they also like to share them with their friends and family members. With technological advancement, people can easily share their photos with the help of a variety of tools available to them. They also use the power of social networking to share their photos with the world, with the click of a mouse. These days, many people click images with their mobile phones, and share those images instantly with the help of social networking apps installed on their cell phones.

The people also use a variety of photo editing tools to make their images interesting, funny and presentable. There are numerous image editing tools available in the market and these tools can be used to create a variety of photo effects. These tools can be accessed online, and they can also be downloaded to our computers or mobile devices. These tools are used by people from across the globe to have fun with their images. The best part is that, people do not need to have any special technical knowledge to use these tools. Some of these tools are even available for free.

How to use such tools?

1. Through Mobile Devices

If you want to create cool photo effects with the help of your mobile devices, you can download various photo editing apps available online. Some of these apps are available for free of cost, while others will cost you money. Based on your requirements, you can either opt for a free or a paid photo app. Once you download and install the app in your phone, you can access it anytime you want. It will allow you to upload images and create cool photo effects to make the images interesting. The apps will also allow you to share the images through social networking sites.

2. Through PCs

Few of the image editing tools, both free and paid, can be downloaded directly to your PC. Once the application is downloaded to your PC, you can access it based on your requirement and utilize it to create a variety of photo effects. You can use these installed applications to crop your images, change their background colors or objects, resize them and even compress them to reduce their size. The applications will allow you to directly save the edited images to your computer, and you can also use these applications to upload the images to social networking sites.

3. Through the internet

The easiest way to access image editing tools is through the internet. There are hundreds of photo editing services available online, which will allow you to create cool photo effects without any difficulty. Most of these services are flash based and they can be directly accessed from your browser. You will not be required to download or install any application to utilize the features available with these tools. You can directly upload your images through the internet and make the necessary changes online.

Top 3 Instagram Photo Editing Apps of 2014

Being thrust into hard times managing your photo editing on Instagram has been a common problem for several account holders. This social media platform is your one stop destination to add selfies, build photo libraries, and share them on other social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is to get the right photo editing tool/app to organize your photos. Following are top three Instagram Photo Editing Apps that have become widely popular in the past few months.

1. Square FX

Cropping can be a real problem for many images while uploading and fitting them on the square frame on Instagram. The Square FX app can be used to prevent cropping, refit or resize the images as per choice and requirement. You can perform a number of functions with the Square FX app including:

• Changing frames, styles or colors
• Instant photo selection and placing on the frames to prevent cropping
• Save images in the photo library
• Perform functions including flipping, rotating or scaling images
• Select a background from a range of options including gradient, color and pattern to induce amazing look and effects
• The new version comes with a bug fixing feature
• Upgrade to the premium services to enjoy additional features of the app

The iTunes account holders can download this app free of cost to use the basic features. This app is built for iOS devices.

2. VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid

The VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid are available for majority of the iOS and Android 4.0 version empowered devices. This minimalist platform is suitable for creating, publishing and displaying the photography skills. The VSCO is the most exquisite platform that allows the integration and interaction between the photographers and the interested takers. In a world where images express more than texts, you can hardly find a platform that allows the power of sharing to the photographers from across the globe. VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid features and facilities are:

• Instead of Instagram filters use the VSCO preset photo-filters
• Color edit the photographs for an enhanced look before uploading on Instagram
• Compatible for using on iOS and Android based devices
• Get to know about the most astonishingly talented photographers from across the globe through VSCO journals
• Explore the gallery of pictures and pick your favorite ones
• A lot many featured tools and presets are available on the VSCO Cam Store

3. Snapseed

Snapseed app is largely developed for the iOS platform to perform several functions with your photos on Apple devices. Here are some important features of this app:

• Tweak all your photos on the iPhone and iPad
• Edit your images to change the contrasts, brightness, sharpness and saturation using the loupe tool
• Bestow a retro style to your pictures using the professional black and white filters
• Apart from Instagram, this app allows you to share an image or a selfie on other sites including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

The tags are very important to be attached to all your images on the social media profiles including Instagram. Whether it is your business profile or a personal social sharing account, you would always want to attach details of the images. Your brand and product line gains maximized customer response through them. The hashtags on the other hand are important for the optimum visibility of your Instagram profile on the search engine. The Instagram photo editing apps allow you to perform these tasks easily.

The Wonders of Photo Editing

Latest technology has afforded us the means to capture a beautiful image. For photographers, it is an art to capture images and process these into beautiful pictures. It used to be a careful process to create strong and beautiful photographs, one that requires vision, skill, and creativity. What used to be a manual process has now become digital and easy to enhance.

With software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, it has become so easy to edit pictures. Even a novice Photoshop user can learn how to remove a pimple, wrinkles, or any other blemish on a portrait. Adjusting the contrast and brightness, color shades, and more can improve the photo image. There are also new camera models and iPhone apps nowadays that have presets and other simple settings to change how the image can be captured. Blurred effects, night shot settings, sepia, and other artistic effects can be used to take enhanced photos easily. It depends on the digital camera you have purchased. The ones with advanced settings and higher pixels can provide better photos. These are more expensive than your standard point-and-shoot.

Magazine covers look very glamorous and artistic. Models and celebrities are portrayed perfectly as if they look that way in real life. Photo editing is the key to create such beautiful magazine covers, billboards, and print ads. Those baby fats, facial hair, lines on the face, and frizzy hair can be altered in photos to achieve a perfect look for models and celebrities. If you don’t know what “liquefy” is in Photoshop, then you’ll be amazed at how it can lose some of the extra weight on a person. Airbrushing is also a popular method to edit photos. Even lips can be contoured and given a more vibrant shine. Brows can be darkened, and those unwanted eye bags can be edited out. The result will be a totally fresh and beautiful picture.

This makes you wonder if celebrities and models are really gorgeous and glamorous in everyday life. While some can look a bit plain without make-up, good lighting, and photo editing, others are still very much beautiful. You can check out celebrities without Photoshop online. Some are still very sexy in their before and after pictures in their swimwear, while others are not quite so. Elle magazine also released an issue with stars without make-up.

Photo retouching and editing is good for advertising. This has been very useful in portraying celebrities and models perfectly in print ads and magazines. The disadvantage of having the latest technology and software nowadays is that people tend to disregard the importance of good photography, and they focus more on photo editing. The art in photography loses some of its essence when a lot of photo editing, retouching, and enhancement were done on the photos. With easy settings using your expensive digital camera, some people find no more motivation to learn more skills in photography.

Technology may have changed the way we capture images, but the vision and skill to capture images will always be the marks of a true photographer.

All You Need to Know About Photo Editing on an iPhone

Cameras on smart phones have come a long way from the grainy images that they used to produce, and it is not common to find an 8 megapixel camera attached to your phone. With this advancement in camera technology, comes the increase in popularity of people wanting to take professional looking photos on their phones. iPhone users are no exception, as this device comes fitted with an 8 megapixel camera that is capable of capturing crisp clear pictures.

Professional Looking Photos Are Merely a Click Away

If you are serious about using your iPhone to take high quality images, then you will need to download a photo editing app on to your phone. This will enable you to crop, touch up and enhance the pictures you have taken, as well as adding all kinds of effects, such as tints and even graphics. There are a lot of photo editing apps available in the app store, and sorting through them to find the right one can be a bit of a chore, so what should you be looking for when the time comes to choose an iPhone photo editing app?

As fun as it is, you are not going to want to spend ages on editing your photos, and most of the time spent can be trying to get used to all of the apps various features and controls. So it is important that you find one that offers a wide range of features, whilst at the same time being easy to use.

Packed Full of Features

Some photo editing apps are packed full of features, whilst offers can leave you hankering for more, as the best ones normally charge a fee before downloading, you should make sure that you are getting an app that is giving you value for money.

Market Leaders

There are a number of different photo editing apps that iPhone users can choose from, and some are better than others. One of the most popular apps is iPhoto, and it is available to download across all iOS enabled devices. It is easy to use and has a vast array of features that allows you to edit and share your photos, simply and quickly, plus it contains features that are only normally found in more expensive apps. You may have already heard of Adobe Photoshop, and you may already have it on your PC, however, you may not be aware that you can also download a version on to your iPhone to help you edit your photos. It has many features that you will find on the PC version, and it is a great way to edit your photos so that they look more professional.